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5 Tips for Hosting the Best Harvest Wine Tasting Party Ever

The beauty of a harvest wine tasting is that the weather has cooled down, there’s an abundance of fresh produce available, and the sunsets are more stunning than ever. With the swimsuits stashed away and the kids back at school, it’s the perfect time to throw a party to get your friends together to make the most of the season’s bounty and cooler days.


In anticipation with our Williams Sonoma Home launch with Rob & Lydia Mondavi, we turned to them to get their pro tips for hosting the best harvest wine tasting party ever.

Here are their five tips:

1. Kick it Off Right

Mark the harvest by kicking off the tasting with a celebratory toast featuring a great bottle of champagne.

2. Make the Most of Outdoor Space

Make the most of the season’s still-warm days and cooler nights by offering indoor and outdoor spaces for your guests to lounge around in. Stash warm blankets in large baskets on the deck or patio for people to drape around them as the evening cools off.

3. Make Wine Front and Center

Since it is a wine tasting party, after all, offer an abundance of difference types of wines — ranging from sparkling and reds to whites and rosé — for your guests to enjoy.

4. Build a Better Cheese Plate

Scatter a variety of platters of cheese, charcuterie and seasonal fruit where guests are circulating about. Keep it simple, but make it beautiful by relying on the season’s best bounty. And be creative by layering honeycomb, Marcona almonds, and different types of olives amongst sharp and mild cheeses.

5. Serve Something for Every Palate

After starting with champagne, move into a lighter white wine, then a richer red, and finish with something sweet, paired with a simple dessert that everyone can enjoy.


Check out this video [INSERT LINK] with more tips about how to host the best harvest wine tasting party.


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