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I Got My Hands on the New Instant Pot That's Not Even Out Yet – Here's What I Thought — Instant Pot

In the three years since I bought my first Instant Pot (the classic 6-Quart Duo), the company has launched several upgraded models including a bluetooth model, a smaller 3-quart version, and the Ultra. But none tempted me to replace my trusty Duo. That was, until this spring, when I heard the announcement for the upcoming Instant Pot Max.

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The not-yet-released Instant Pot model offers some key upgrades that got me thinking about trading in my Duo. The Max not only has a highly updated control center, but also canning capabilities — which, for an avid home canner, means more jams this summer without heating up the kitchen!

I was super curious, so of course I pounced at the opportunity to test drive the Instant Pot Max before it comes out later this summer.


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