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Gluten Free Tahini Dark Chocolate Skillet Cookie

I’m knocking on your door this Saturday with a little bit of exactly what you need.  It’s the warmth and melted chocolate perfect for a lazy weekend when indulgence feels so close and equal parts necessary and life-affirming. 

I’ve spent most of my week walking circles around my house in service to… my house?  That’s what it has felt like at least. There’s a forever list of plants to water, animals to feed, dishwashers to empty, flour jars to put away, and flour jars to hustle out of the pantry.  I think the air of spring has be fluttering in circles trying to tick down the list.  

I know you know.  These are all a symptom of being a human in the world.  And really, with all these tasks we’re acting in service to ourselves so we can better serve one another – somehow that even includes dishes and laundry. 

Today’s offering is one very delicious way to be of service to yourself and to a lucky few.  It’s a skillet cake, served warm, with glossy chocolate and melting ice cream designed for you and a few.  It’s meant to settle the soul with warmth, chocolate, and the opportunity to gather about it  

Today’s offering is also gluten-free (though it doesn’t have to be if you want all-purpose flour it up) and is also made with tahini, olive oil, and maple syrup.  No dairy fat, no refined sugar, and a wealth of nutrients from tahini – listen it’s not a salad but it’s basically health food masquerading as a cookie. 

The serving size of this dish is really, well… dependent on so many things.  Hunger level, emotional state, hormonal state, whether this dish is being shared with your boo, whether you had salad for dinner, whether you will have salad for dinner tomorrow… you know – life comes at ya fast.

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