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Currently: My Favorite Cookies

I had a house full of people this week and I pulled deep into my reserves of ‘what can I make in about 15 minutes ‘ recipes.  There are blueberry scones that I can make in a snap, if I don’t get too distracted and forget to add the sugar.  They’re versatile enough to be made with a gluten-free flour blend and if I set the timer and don’t ignore the timer, I can get them made, in and out of the oven in about 30 minutes.  For baked goods that just about makes me a wizard. 

There are my I Need A Cookie Right Now Cookies.   A dough that whisks together to soft and glossy but bakes into soft and chewy.  They’re covered in a cinnamon sugar that makes them little comfort bites for everyone.  These snickerdudes also happen to be grain-free with very little refined sugar thanks to almond flour and maple syrup and come from one of my most used baking book, Sweet Laurel.  

I don’t just love these cookie for the speed.  They’re nutty and moist, sweet with maple syrup and really simply spiced.  

I love that they’re just liiightly crisp around the edges and chewy soft on the inside.  And unlike most butter dough cookie recipes, this dough doesn’t need to be refrigerated before its baked.  It can go straight from batter to scoop to oven – and out come these soft little darlings.  

Cookies on the quick and the wholesome ingredient make them basically health food, right?  

I hope your week is chugging along.  More from me to you soon!

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