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Tahini and Pistachio Biscotti

I want a cookie, but make it breakfast.  

I’m thinking a little chocolate something with the second cup of coffee I know I don’t need (but I’m going to have anyway).  

I’m hoping for a little snack distraction with an afternoon cup of tea while I think about what to make for dinner.  

The answer to all of these wants and thoughts and hopes is biscotti.  A sweet but not too sweet cookie.  These are flavored with tahini, a sesame seed paste that’s thinner in consistency than a peanut or nut butter and is more earthy in flavor.  I love what the earthiness and extra fat adds to these cookies – balance and softness.  

Studded with salted pistachios and dipped in chocolate, these cookies are right for everything from breakfast through dessert.  All purpose?

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