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Antoni Porowski Designed a Spatula Inspired by His Childhood

If you want to cook like Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski, we have good news: The soon-to-be cookbook author and guacamole aficionado has a signature spatula that’s only available at Williams Sonoma. But it’s not just any spatula — there’s a sweet, and important meaning behind this essential kitchen tool. 

Cook for a Cause

Here’s a little bit of the back story: For the last six years, Williams Sonoma has partnered with No Kid Hungry, a nonprofit that wants to end childhood hunger. The statistics are staggering: One in six kids in the United States struggle with hunger — that’s about 13 millions children. And according to public school teachers, three out of four students regularly come to school hungry. 

Williams Sonoma is dedicated to this important issue, and to date has raised 8 million dollars for the campaign which translates to about 80 million meals for the kids that need it most. There are a bunch of ways we’ve made this happen, including fundraisers, Chefs’ Cycle for No Kid Hungry, and our wildly popular celebrity-designed spatulas — including Antoni’s. 

Instagram Photo Antoni’s Heartfelt Spatula

Antoni Porowski’s spatula is minimal and straight-forward. It’s the only one in our series that doesn’t have any color, and like Ina Garten’s spatula —  it’s only text. It reads “share your food!” followed by his signature. 

“My spatula was inspired by a childhood memory,” Antoni explains about his design. “As I would sit in the school cafeteria eating lunch, I noticed some kids had bountiful meals brought from home while others would have a slice of bread or a small bag of chips, and nothing else.” Antoni goes on to explain that he wish he had offered some of his food for the kids in need. “I was too shy to offer any of mine and would feel guilty afterwards for not sharing.”

Ultimately, Antoni’s spatula is a reminder to share what we have. “We should all understand the importance and necessity of sharing our food,” he explains. 

Williams Sonoma gives 30 percent of the sales from the celebrity spatulas to No Kid Hungry, so you can feel extra good about your purchase. Grab Antoni’s spatula here for just $15, and check out all the other designs here.

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