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How to Build a Showstopping “Cookie Board”

You’ve heard of a cookie tin and a cheese board, but have you heard of a cookie board? It’s a thing! Picture this at your next party: A giant serving board or platter that’s piled high with holiday candy and cookies. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to make them all from scratch, but more on that later!) “A cookie board offers a little something for everyone,” says Belle English, Williams Sonoma’s Test Kitchen Cook. “People love getting to choose what they want, and they look stunning in the center of the table.” Cookie boards are not hard to assemble and they instantly upgrade any gathering this time of year.

Here are five tips to get you started. 

1. Pick out a board.

Clearly, all of your goodies will have to go somewhere. Pick out a board and think big… Nope, bigger. (Because cookies are inherently fairly large, so you’re going to need a decently sized platter.) Belle likes this extra large Boska Round Cheese Board, which measures more than a whopping 22 inches in diameter and is sure to give you plenty of room.

2. Plan your cookies.

When it comes to choosing which cookies to share “start with your favorites and follow your heart!” says Belle. “At the end of the day you want to enjoy this cookie board.” Just make sure to mix up the selection. “To make it look dynamic and cool, there has to be variety in shape and texture and size.” Belle suggests having a chocolate, vanilla, and peppermint option. Have some treats that are shaped, some that are round, some sandwich cookies, a marshmallow, a candy or two … you get the point.

5 Cookies Worthy of a Holiday Cookie Board Candy Cane Chocolate Crinkle Cookies Christmas Linzer Cookies Christmas Chocolate CookiesMexican Wedding Cookies Easy Christmas Sugar Cookies 3. Cheat a little.

If you’re starting to worry that this sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry: You don’t have to make all of these sweets from scratch! Do a little bit of baking, but supplement what you make with some store-bought treats. Belle says to buy the candy, for example. “Just make it really visually interesting and make sure you’re buying high-quality stuff.” She says. “I like our peppermint bark because it can be broken into organically shaped shards and you can use big pieces or small pieces.” And definitely buy pre-made marshmallows, but dress them up a little by dusting them in powered sugar or cocoa powder, Belle suggests.

4. Group cookies together.

“I like to keep all of the same cookies together, instead of scattering individual ones throughout the board,” Belle says. “I think it looks more impactful — less like a cookie buffet and more like a purposeful display.” Think of it almost like a pizza and each type of treat is a slice of the pie. Just one note: “Place the most different cookies right next to each other to create contrast, so two similar cookies don’t blend into each other.”

5. Give it the spotlight. 

The cookie board deserves to shine like the star it is. “Present it at the end of a dinner as a fun nostalgic, whimsical dessert idea. Or set it out on the table during a gift exchange or a tree-trimming party in the afternoon with hot chocolate,” Belle says.

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