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Raspberry Cheese Danish Thumbprint Cookies

I’ve been staring at my pantry these days looking for exactly anything other than what I have. 

You do that too, right? 

Sure there is a bounty in this home, a true wealth of nutrients but like…. where is the box of Entemann’s coffee cake that happens to be literally the only thing I want to eat right now? Where is that? Somewhere beyond the too many cans of baked beans? 

It was on such a day, with such a craving, and without yeast to speak of that these cookies were born.  A crisp and tender cookie bowl to hold sweetened cream cheese and raspberry jam comnbination.  Sweet, creamy, fruit, bright, comforting – all the things the wash over a cheese danish craving like no other.  I added a buttery crumble topping because… listen, I was already in deep and a crumble makes good things great. 

This cookie dough can house any number of creativity and cravings.  If you were to combine a nutella and sweetened peanut butter mixture, I’d absolutely shake your hand in support.

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