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The Cool Companion for Rainbow Cake

We have to give props where props are due: Amirah Kassem of the iconic bakery Flour Shop brightens things up in every way. The rainbow-loving entrepreneur grew up baking with her mother in Mexico. Today, she and her iconic explosion cake have made cameos in Vogue, at Katy Perry parties, and in homes across America. (Her whole amazing line of Williams Sonoma treats and accessories is here, and her awesome “unicorn sundae” recipe is here.)

Amirah Kassem, the mind behind the pop-up rainbow “cake on the go.”

We’re thrilled to introduce Amirah’s new products: ice cream starters, chocolate shell and sprinkles galore. Get hungry, and get optimistic: As Amirah says, every day can be lived “like it’s your birthday!” Stash these treats away for yourself or be ready for a special birthday at a moment’s notice.

rainbow explosion cakeThe famous Rainbow Explosion Cake

Chocolate Ice Cream Starter

Sometimes you don’t have the mental bandwidth required to measure out the sugar, egg yolks and whatnot to make your own ice cream. No matter: No egg and no messy cup measurements are necessary for this excellent high-end chocolate ice cream. All you need are half-and-half and heavy cream. Flour Shop provides the Callebaut Dutch cocoa, sea salt and sugar. Excellent chocolate ice cream is yours after about 30 minutes spinning in an ice cream maker.

Vanilla Ice Cream Starter

Some of us are just vanilla ice cream people, every time. For those among us, Amirah concocted a dreamily simple ice cream starter of sugar, sea salt and natural vanilla. It’s straightforward and wonderful, and packaged prettily enough to make it the perfect gif. May we say that it’s the ideal thing to have alongside your Rainbow Explosion Cake?

Chocolate Shell Sauce

flour shop ice cream

Vanilla or chocolate cake? Vanilla or chocolate ice cream? No matter the direction you go, most can agree on the deliciousness of Amirah’s chocolate shell. Heat it in a microwave, drizzle over your flavor of choice, and boom: It freezes into a pretty shell. (Make sure there are rainbow sprinkles galore, too!

Sprinkles Galore

popcorn sundae

Whether you’re decking out your own personal best-of ice cream bowl, making the unicorn popcorn sundae seen here, or eating them by the pawful, there must be sprinkles. Birthday sprinkles come four to a set, brimming with a rainbow of nonpareils and sprinkles. Pretty “just add cake” rainbow polka dot sprinkles are just as delicious on ice cream. And of course the full-blown rainbow explosion kit includes a kaleidoscope of sprinkles, nonpareils and chocolate balls. It’s the sort of thing to make the kid in your life as happy as the adult. Which sort of sums up Flour Shop’s charms.


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