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Save The Date: FREE One-Day Recipe Video Bootcamp

Bloggers, Instagrammers, Media-Savvy Food Lovers… consider this your official Save The Date! On Tuesday, June 13th, we’ll be hosting a FREE one-day recipe video bootcamp. For anyone. From anywhere. For free.

Have you ever thought any of the following things?

Recipe videos get so many views.I should make a recipe video for my ____!Oh my gosh, it’s way too hard to make videos. Where my snacks at? Byeeee.

I’d like to start by giving you a hearty AMEN. Video production can seem totally scary and overwhelming.

And I don’t want to majorly peer pressure anyone into making a recipe video. If you are happy doing what you do without video, carry on and be awesome. More power to you.

Buuuut I am still going to put a *little* bit of peer pressure on you, because videos – especially food and recipe videos – are SO ENGAGING and so important online right now. Whether it’s social media, YouTube, or blog posts, there are so many places that videos can be used. The demand for videos is high. It is a powerhouse way to reach people with very important messages, like YUM – CHEESE! OOH, WATERMELON! OMG THIS LASAGNA! etc.

I’m being weird about it, but honestly, as a teacher, video makes me so happy. It’s one of our most effective ways of communicating online – in our case, communicating about food and recipes.

Free One-Day Recipe Video Bootcamp | pinchofyum.com

So. Today I have good, good, good news:

We’re offering a FREE one-day recipe video bootcamp and we will show you how to do all of this – the iPhone stuff, the DSLR stuff, and the editing stuff. We’re passionate about making things easy to understand.

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