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Happy Friday friends!

And what a happy Friday it is indeed! I’m on my way home! It’s been 17 days today that I’ve been away, the longest time probably, like, ever.

It’s interesting what you miss when you’re away from home for an extended period of time, and just how easy it is to adapt to new places, too. But, I can’t wait to get home and nuzzle my 3 dogs, check on the progress of my tomato plants (I’m scared), cook in my own kitchen, and of course, lay in the big bed and watch CBS Sunday Morning with my man and my Smudge who will be firmly snuggled up between us. Seriously, it’s the best thing on regular TV. Maybe the only thing.

I’m so lucky to have a job that offers up so many opportunities and gives me the flexibility to mix work with pleasure and family time, and to do it all on my own accord. I mean, the majority of the workforce is beholden to someone else’s expectations and time tables (just like I was for 20+ years) and that makes it a whole lot harder to swing an adventure like I just completed. But with time comes normalcy, and it can be pretty easy to take fortunes and flexibility for granted.

My goal is to never let that happen.

I won’t go into a recap of all that I experienced on my travels right now, but if you want to read a snippet of my last travel leg’s travel mishap, you can read more about it  here.

But enough about me, let’s get to why you’re here: THIS WEEK’S FRIDAY FAVES, with a few guest contributors mixed in. Enjoy!

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