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How to Host an Outdoor Father’s Day Feast

On Father’s Day, the fathers figures in your life will be thrilled to gather around the grill with family and enjoy a memorable summer meal. From infused cocktails to a simple yet satisfying steak, we have all the recipes and tips you need to make him feel special. Read through our menu suggestions and game plan, then plan to mix some drinks, fire up the grill, and make a generous toast.




Start the party with a cocktail that has a kick. We love The Hartwood, a drink created by Hartwood restaurant that combines the spiciness of fresh-squeezed ginger juice with bracing lime, whiskey and club soda. Alongside the cocktails, serve bacon-wrapped dates for snacking: They’re the ultimate mix of sweet, salty and savory flavors.


Make the most of the June weather by cooking over an open flame. Our recipe for grilled porterhouse is the perfect centerpiece for this celebration, especially when it’s accompanied by a smoky Spanish romesco sauce. On the side, you can’t beat a simple grilled corn on the cob seasoned with a Mexican-inspired spice rub, and a raw farmers’ market salad, chock-full of all of summer’s favoritesâ

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