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Toasted S’mores Squares

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the union of two of our sweetest friends, chocolate hazelnut spread and toasted marshmallows, in holy matrimony.  And by holy matrimony, I of course mean, cookies.  

It’s summer (and wedding season, but that analogy is over) and listen… as much as I’d like to picture myself around a campfire toasting s’mores every night, the reality is that these Real Housewives episodes aren’t going to watch themselves (although… we know ALL of the real housewives ladies totally watch themselves), so I settle into my couch even in the summer months when sure… there are all sorts of festive, s’mores-friendly bonfires likely happening somewhere close by. 

There’s something about toasting one very lazy,  individual marshmallow over a stove that just feels not right although, in a pinch I’ll torch that thing right up.

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