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Aug 04, 2020 Loveandlemons

Cherry Clafoutis

I first made this cherry clafoutis recipe a few weeks ago, after a trip to the farmers market. Here in the Midwest, the cusp of July and August marks the

Aug 03, 2020 Williams-sonoma

How to Stock a Bar Cart

Hello, handsome. Our Beckett bar cart.

OK. It’s time to stop making margaritas in a jam jar. Yes, that’s an OK thing to do for the first, second and third

Aug 03, 2020 Pinchofyum

Spicy Tofu Burgers

Ow owwwwwww! She looks good!

This might be my bigger summer surprise recipe yet: the fact that tofu, crumbled and pressed together with lemongrass, sriracha, mint, cilantro, and basil, and

Aug 02, 2020 Loveandlemons

Easy Gazpacho

It’s no secret that I love gazpacho. Over the years, I’ve shared a gazpacho recipe with watermelon, one with corn, another with carrots, and still another with tangy tomatillos. What